The Contractions

Widely Regarded as "Madison's Worst Band"

This group of hard-rocking economists and reluctant acquaintences has been terrorizing the rock scene of various unfortunate metropolitan areas since 1997. They take special delight in tormening music-lovers residing in the Madison, Wisconsin area where Davis (guitar/bass), Eudey (keys) and Wright (guitar) now live. Unbeknownst to most, the band has been secretly practicing and is quietly making great strides towards actual musicianship. After the band's most recent performance, well-known composer and pop music-star Kyle Henderson might have agreed with the remark that The Contractions have graduated from "abominable" to "insufferable" or perhaps even "merely lousy."

Some Links

The band continually particpates in the Music Can Beat MS Benefit

- Click here for the full set of audio files from the 2014 benefit.
- A very old history of the band exists here.

An English film crew produced a documentary about The Contractions
(click here for link if youtube embed does not work).


Who's In this Band?

Peter Norman

Randy Wright

Morris Davis

Gwen Eudey

Scott Dressler

Martin Schindler

Todd Osborne

Mark Munn